Don’t get me wrong, I like Dom Irrera. I have seen him many times at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, both as a host for various new comics or best of the fest shows and as part of the lineup.

Dom Irrera is a funny comedian and I have always liked his sets. Why then does Dom Irrera Greatest Hits Volume One comedy CD feel like such a letdown? Why are the funny jokes and funny stories on this CD not as good as the real thing?

Maybe it’s the length of this stand-up comedy CD. There’s only thirty-four minutes of material on Dom Irrera Greatest Hits and I figure if I am going to go out of my way and go to the comedian’s website to order his independent release comedy CD, I deserve better than that. Andrew Grose, Glen Foster, and Ron Shock, amongst others, understand that, why didn’t a professional like Dom Irrera understand that? It’s not like he is a rookie or some taping-this-stuff-in-my-living room amateur. You’re talking Dom Irrera here.

Are the tracks on Dom Irrera Greatest Hits Volume One his greatest hits? Well, I remember hearing better material from him. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I got the feeling the room this CD was recorded in was packed with close friends and so on so there’s something “off” about the audience.

However, this is a high quality, professionally produced, comedy CD. The sound is very good as is the packaging, photos, and liner notes. Some of the better tracks on Dom Irrera’s Greatest Hits Volume One are My Family, Not a Doctor, and Leeno.

Rabid fans of Dom Irrera will enjoy Greatest Hits Volume One. Fans, like myself, well, maybe not as much as we would and should expect to. Still, next time Dom Irrera comes to Just For Laughs, I will make a point of catching his act. He is, live, a very funny stand-up comic.

Greatest Hits Volume One
Dom Irrera
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release

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