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Jeff Allen
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Independent release comedy CD

Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited is an absolute must have. If we were in a position to do so – we are not so I can't — I would guarantee you your money back if you do not laugh out loud while listening to this Jeff Allen comedy CD. Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited is simply a brilliant independent release CD by a stand-up comic who has been around long enough to not only know what he is doing but do iit as if there was absolutely nothing to it. Jeff Allen kills from the first second he starts speaking to the breath he takes before he says "Thank you."

Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited should also be required listening for any comic who believes you have to work blue (use swear words and so on) to make people laugh or to be edgy. Jeff Allen is an absolutely clean standup comedian but this does not mean his material is not edgy and this certainly does not mean it is a nice, safe comedy CD you can listen to with the whole family. Jeff Allen does adult oriented humour without the adult material or language. His forte is relationship jokes, autobiographical and observational humor, and, well, anything else he decides to poke fun at.

Another reason this independent comedy CD is so good is Allen can cover fairly mundane and sometimes done to death topics like going to the gym or dieting and manage to make the topic sound fresh. It is a thrill for any serious comedy fan to hear how flawlessly Allen uses the recall. It is harder to judge him on his use of the segue here because this CD is definitely tracked so one track is no necessarily the next bit Allen did on stage during the recording.

Those very familiar with the comedy of Jeff Allen will hear a couple of fairly faint echoes from the earlier, and also very good, Lock The Door, especially on ADHD and the last track with the flying cutlery and going to the gym short inserts. Fortunately, these are only slightly similar setups or minor parts of a longer bit and the funny story and punchline are different and original. For those who might have second thoughts about getting a Jeff Allen comedy CD because he is a born-again Christian and are afraid of getting preachy bits, fear not. Yes, Allen is a religious man but on stage this translates only into clean comedy and a very funny reference to the last supper in his buttercup is on a diet bit.

Is Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited absolutely flawless? Well, the sound is a smidge of a tad wee bit cavernous. Aside from that, yes, it is.

Track list:

Golf Carts
Biblical Names
Poop Boy
Happy Wife, Happy Life (trademark)
Rice Cakes
Kitty Broke
God's Revenge
BB Gun
Parents' Prayer
Spousal Communication
Closet Vision
Roaster Chicken
Where Ya Goin'?
Noise Uniform