Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited
Produced by Lenny Sisselman
Independent Release

It took me a while to do this review. Jeff Allen (and his peep) were kind enough to send us both the CD and stand-up comedy DVD version of Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited. As they are basically the same thing, I listened to the CD and wrote a glowing review. The problem became what more to say about the DVD. There are, after all, only so many superlatives you can use. Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited is absolutely great stand-up comedy. The fact Allen works clean is probably a plus to some but is not in any way a detriment to his being one very funny guy.

Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited is stand-up comic Jeff Allen in concert in front of a very appreciative crowd. That this crowd is Christian and Jeff Allen is too has nothing to do with their appreciation or how good the show is. Allen is a veteran comedian who knows how to occupy a stage, tell a series of funny autobiographical anecdotes about his wife, Buttercup, his two older boys, and his younger son who goes by the name of Judas or Satan depending on the circumstances. This is also a great observational comic who can find the funny in the most mundane things. This is comedy adults will appreciate without offending anyone.

The star of Happy Wife, Happy Life Revisited is of course Allen’s wife. It is through her that this stand-up comic gets most of material. Allen also has it good in that young couples can relate to his humorous stories about raising a young kid (an on the track Poop Boy) while older couples can relate to his having two teenage boys who drive him nuts. That the Allen family, well, at least the parents, rely on sarcasm to get through things will amuse even the most single people.

This live performance stand-up comedy DVD is solid. It may not be as crisp as an HBO production but definitely looks very good. It would have been nice, however, to track the DVD so a viewer could find the favorite bit (and there are many) he or she wants to show a friend.

The DVD also includes a bonus track where Jeff Allen tells the audience about his born again experience.

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