Jeff Foxworthy
Comedy Classics
Starlight Home Entertainment
68 Minutes
Distributed by KOCH Entertainment

If you are a fan of southern comedy, redneck jokes, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and stand up comics like Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry White, and Larry the Cable Guy, this 68 minute comedy DVD is a definite must have. Jeff Foxworthy’s Comedy Classics is a show that previously aired on television and a great introduction to and history of the funny people from the southern states.

Who better than Jeff Foxworthy to introduce comedy classics from the likes of Lum and Abner, Judy Canova, and Will Rogers during the golden age of radio. Southern humor traces its roots all the way back to Mark Twain and, of course, the Grand Ole Opry played a major role in the growth of redneck comics and television.

This is a highly enjoyable DVD rich with clips from every important standup comedian that has ever come from below the Mason-Dixon line. You get clips from Lonzo and Oscar with Cousin Jody, the Duke of Paducah with Carl Smith, Grandpa Jones with Ernest Tubbs, June Carter with Faron Young, the great Minnie Pearl with Carl Smith and Ron Brasfield with Webb Pierce. This is obviously the same spirit of collaboration that lead to the Blue Collar Comedy tour.

Another segment of Comedy Classics features a too short interview with Andy Griffith (of Matlock and the Andy Griffith Show) where you learn that with funny stories like What It Was, Was Football, this legend started out as a stand up comedian. No history of redneck comedy would be complete without mentioning Hee Haw, Brother Dave Gardner, Jerry Clower, James Gregory, and Jim Varney of Ernest movies fame.

This DVD does not ignore the present and future so you also get clips from Bill Engvall, Ron White, Henry Cho, Mark Lowry, Gary Mule Deer, Etta May, Mike Snider, Killer Beaz, the always funny Larry the Cable Guy, and, of course Bill Engvall.

The bonus track, which plays immediately after Jeff Foxworthy’s Comedy Classics, features two eight-minute clips from Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy Live in Las Vegas.

Any serious comedy fan will definitely want to get this DVD. The quality is there, the jokes are there, and the history of deep fried comedy is there.


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