Not too many comics can claim to live in their own comedy: Early on the Jimmy Shubert stand-up comedy CD Pandemonium he accuses the world of taking every day normal events and making them uncomfortable for him; what this comedian does is take every day more or less normal by now events and make them uncomfortable for all of us. That this discomfort is the source of constant laughter is the reason Shubert is one of few comics I would more than go out of my way to see perform live.

Pandemonium is this gravelly voiced stand-up comic’s second CD on the Stand Up! Records label. A very few of the topics on Animal Instincts are slightly echoed here but as this also allows for new material and a newish version of Jimmy Shubert’s signature piece on conjoined twins, a personal favorite, I am not complaining. This is an aggressive, not overly blue comic who has a caustic take on the world around him. My kind of comedy, especially tracks like Coffee Break (your basic bitching about Starbucks’ many choices) and the series on urban and postal violence.

Although I think Pandemonium is solid, I am less impressed with some of the tracks near the end of the CD beginning with Armchair Activist. One because topical political comedy has a short life span, and two because though I really do not share Jimmy Shubert’s politics on War … What’s It Good For? I still feel the bit devolves in more of a rant than comic material. I also disagree with his stance on Oh, God! but enjoy that bit more even if it is still rantish.

Still, Pandemonium, Jimmy Shubert’s latest comedy CD really works. You may not agree with him all the time but he quickly moves on to the next topic where you can find common ground. He is a smart, quick paced stand-up with an in your face approach that will certainly entertain those who, like me, favor that kind of comedy.

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Jimmy Shubert
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records
51 minutes

Also by Jimmy Shubert Zero Tolerance    Animal Instincts

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