You do have to be in the mood to appreciate a ranting stand-up comic. If you are, there are none better than Jimmy Shubert. I’ve liked Shubert since I saw him years ago at Just For Laughs and heard his bit on the singing conjoined twins. A new stand-up comedy download album by Jimmy Shubert is always a treat.

The trick, I think, to a successful rant is the anger has to be at just the right level and immediately relatable. The audience can then vent its own frustrations through laughter and the comic. It is good therapy.

Shubert is a high wire level artist when it comes to balancing the rage in his rants. He is also dead on target so even a routine about airlines, a most tired subject, becomes interesting and fresh.

Other things that set off Shubert and we can all relate to include customer service and self check-out. Again, not groundbreaking topics unless Jimmy Shubert covers them.

The highlights of this stand-up comedy download album are the routine about the dairy section and how it has changed through the years and the bit on hiking and being bothered by municyclists (look it up).

I also enjoy how Jimmy Shubert springs his punchlines. A perfect example of that is his two-minute rant about the travails women go through to make themselves pretty. I dare anyone to predict how the comic closes that bit. It is just brilliant.

Jimmy Shubert is the very best at rant comedy and Zero Tolerance more than proves it. If you enjoy that style or need to vent a bit, I cannot recommend it enough.

Zero Tolerance
Jimmy Shubert
Stand-up comedy download album
Stand Up! Records 2020

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