Any stand-up comic, young or old, who can pull off a really fresh hotel room joke or airplane joke deserves due credit and respect. Steve Burr, a young stand-up comedian, does both almost right at the beginning of his independent release stand-up comedy CD You’re Not Recording This Are You. That he can follow this with a bus ride joke that is in reality a fart joke and smoothly segue into a bit on how hard dating is shows this guy knows what he is doing.

Burr is not a very original stand-up comic when it comes to subject matter. In fact, he covers the basic comedy catalogue of dating, kids, animals, movies, and TV shows.

What makes this CD work is he has a new take on the topics and knows not only not to linger too long on one particular topic -in fact he does 29 bits in some forty-three minutes (I never count the intro track)-  but uses one of the rules of threes perfectly; tracks like Dogs, Animals Are Dumb, and Cat.

Another strong point to Steve Burr is he is pretty clever at changing tack. Even when he does it with a bit of audience interaction it feels petty smooth. There is something for everybody on this CD as long as you are not extremely sensitive.

Steve Burr is not a dirty or blue comic but does use some of the milder four letter words from time to time though never as a crutch for a lame or lesser bit.

The audience at the Indiana comedy club where You’re Not Recording This Are You? was recorded is itself a bit overly sensitive. Some moan and groan at a couple of more topically risqué (for the Midwest) bits that a more urban audience would simply enjoy.

Sound wise, this is a pretty good independent comedy CD. You do hear a few glasses clink here and there and a knife on a plate a couple of times but nothing that really bugs the listener. Steve Burr’s material sounds crisp and you do not lose a word.

If there is one weak point here is that Burr closes with a very visual bit on hunting and this is a bit frustrating for the listener.

You’re Not Recording This Are You? Well, I for one am glad he was. This is a strong stand-up comedy CD that aside from dated references to King Kong and Titanic will always manage to be interesting and fresh.

Steve Burr
You re Not Recording This Are You?
Independent release comedy CD
43 minutes

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