Graphicvulgarlunacy Vol. II: Jacoby?s Appliance Parts
Peter Aguero
Independent release
77 minutes
Available at cdbaby

Graphicvulgarlunacy Vol. II: Jacoby’s Appliance Parts is a very strange independent release sort of comedy CD by Peter Aguero. By sort of comedy CD I intend no slam as to its comic potential, it’s just that this is a very different creature. Graphicvulgarlunacy Vol. II is an interesting mix of down to earth storytelling and prose poetry.

As a whole, this CD by Peter Aguero is not quite as interesting as the tracks are on an individual basis. Graphicvulgarlunacy Vol. II: Jacoby’s Appliance Parts begins with a prose poem kind of thing titled Garbage Bag Tuxedo. It is one of the better such things I have heard though I am not a fan of the genre.  I am much less impressed with track 2, Vegetables, which is simply a blooper track.

This storyteller has a very laidback style so he sounds more like a guy telling a story to a bunch of friends in his living room than a guy on a stage. Aguero also has a small but very interactive audience. Both make for an interesting listening experience and both also get in the way of a clear story.

Aguero has a very good voice and almost tells a good story. Unfortunately, he does not quite manage to do so even if he has interesting material. For example, I would have enjoyed Roanoke Rapids NC a lot more if the storyteller had not taken so many offroads and dead ends while he was telling his basic road trip story. Aguero is kind of aware of this as he finds himself repeating some of the key elements of his story from time to time, “Don’t forget, she had been in a loony bin some six months before”. Roanoke is a 29 minute story that could have and probably should have been told in 20.

Other stories here include The Death of Uncle Joe, and The Hitchhiker Story. Both these bits have an interesting premise, both suffer from the same discursive handicap.

Aguero could use a producer who would get him to tighten his storytelling style before recording and then tweak the sound so it is a bit more even for the listener.

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