Chelsea Lately roundtable favorite John Caparulo is back with a new album not-so-subtly titled Come Inside Me.  It is available as a comedy CD+DVD combo.

Caparulo has been linked and associated with the “Blue Collar” comedy tours.  In fact, he has a couple of DVDs available highlighting this association — Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation, and Just For Laughs: Working Class Heroes.  I think this association has done Caparulo a disservice.  Personally, of the original “Blue Collar” guys, I typically find only Ron White to be funny.  In my opinion, the others tend to deliver superficial material focused on the lowest common denominator.  Caparulo is not a “redneck” comic.  He does not tell “redneck” jokes, nor does he limit himself to superficial material.  He is much better than this association would suggest, and this album proves it.

Caparulo’s material on this album is approachable, but not trite.  He talks about being married, not having children (having dogs instead), sports and sex.  He is sort of the “every man’s comic.”  No cringe humor.  No thought-provoking political or social humor.  Just general observations, but funny ones.

The album name is derived from Caparulo’s late introduction to sex, and having to learn about “dirty talk” by calling into sex telephone lines.  He remembers listening in on a group sex chat line, and hearing a woman say “come inside me.”  Later in life, when a woman asks him to speak dirty to her, he has no idea what to say.  So, remembering that chat line, John Caparulo says to her “come inside me.”

This is not a great stand-up album, but it is above-average, and one I think you will enjoy.

Come Inside Me
John Caparulo
Stand-up Comedy CD and DVD
Warner Bros. Jack Records 2013

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