Blue Collar Comedy The Next Generation disproves Darwin’s theory. When Bill Engvall introduces the evening he says, “This means I am out of a job.” No, it does not. Blue Collar took off because Foxworthy and friends brought something new to the table. The next gen does not even bring the table though Reno Collier brings his own chair.

This stand-up comedy CD with bonus DVD set introduces four new faces, none of which are ready for prime time or the visibility the Blue Collar Comedy tag gives them. New Hampshire boy Jamie Kaler is, quite appropriately, the opening act here. He barely elicits mild laughs from the Las Vegas audience.

Juston McKinney, a comic from Maine, is a bit better though he too cannot resist a few poop jokes. He is not bad but his Cosmopolitan Magazine bit has nothing new to offer at all while his relationship material is only okay though he does have a good phone bit in there on the nagging screener. The audience appreciates McKinney a lot more than Kaler.

John Caparulo, the third comic on Blue Collar The Next Generation, is another comedy club resident opening act.  He does have a good bit on customer service though we have all heard his cable repairman stuff. I am also convinced I head his Canada and movie vs. book joke somewhere else. His dog routine works and he closes with a good callback to the books / movie bit.

Reno Collier is a Ralphie May clone in terms of looks and delivery but not attitude. He is the best of the comics here. His mountain bike bit is pretty funny and original and I enjoyed his teacher bit. His closing routine on the baby changing station and soap and single guys really stand out. He also comes up with what could be a good tag: “I need a helmet” though he does not notice he has it.

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Blue Collar Comedy – The Next Generation
Jamie Kaler, Juston McKinney, John Caparulo, Reno Collier
Stand-up Comedy CD / DVD
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2008

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