Todd Glass is back with a new MP3-only comedy album release titled “Todd Glass Talks About Stuff” on the New Wave Dynamics label.

It pains me a bit to write this review.  Why?  Because Todd is fantastic.  I have seen him live several times, I own both of his prior albums, and I watched his 2012 Netflix-exclusive special.  When I heard that he had a new album coming out, I eagerly awaiting its release.  Now that I have it, I unfortunately realized that the album could have more appropriately been called “Todd Glass Talks About The Same Stuff Again.”

The thin pig joke?  Really Todd?  Again?  To borrow from the cliché, this joke was funny … the first hundred times I heard it.  Todd has been telling this joke for as long as I can remember.  In fact, in 2009 he released an album, the very title of which was “Thin Pig.”  In a small, intimate club setting, maybe pulling out the greatest hits is a decent idea.  On a new album, not so much.  In fact, the new album opened with this bit, immediately setting the stage for a disappointing album.

Not every bit on this album can be found on Todd’s prior releases.  And, in large part, even those duplicate bits have been developed further with a few new tags thrown on at the end.  I was just expecting more original content, and did not receive it.  In fact, the album ends with an oh-so-timely reference to the Shamwow.  Again, seriously?

Now, I do not want the above to be interpreted to suggest that this is a bad or unfunny album.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The album is funny.  Very funny.  But, the album will be exponentially funnier to those who are not already familiar with Todd Glass’s work.  If you do not own Todd’s prior albums, get this, and you’ll enjoy it.  If you already own Todd’s prior albums and you’re a fan, you probably should still get it, and you’ll still enjoy it — just keep your expectations in check.

Todd Glass Talks About Stuff
Todd Glass
Stand-up Comedy MP3
New Wave Dynamics 2013


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