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The Mighty Boosh Season One
Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding
British Situation Comedy
8 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired BBC 2004
Warner Home Video 2009


BBC situation comedy The Mighty Boosh airs on Adult Swim. This automatically means it is beyond weird and a matter of taste as in like it or despise it. Of the Adult Swim connected DVD sets I have had to review this is one of the better ones, not that it is brilliant or anything. Season One of The Mighty Boosh features 9 episodes on 2 DVD.

In some odd way this British situation comedy reminded me of Canadian sitcoms from the seventies: low budget, lousy costumes, and questionable acting and writing. It is hard to see its theatrical and Edinburgh Fringe Festival origins

What saves The Mighty Boosh is the imaginative story lines and the lead characters. Vince and Howard (Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt) work for a low-budget zoo, a very low-budget zoo. The show is all over the place stylistically but it somehow works here.

How weird is this British situation comedy? In episode 3 Howard dresses up as a gorilla to fool a donor, Vince and the gorilla share a short musical number or two, a visit to limbo, a funeral, a couple of soliloquies from Hamlet, monkey hell, and a funeral and a haunting.

Other episodes include Howard and Vince going to the arctic to find some mysterious jewel, going to the jungle room to rescue one of the zoo’s owners and stop the sale of the zoo. The Charlie episode features very strangely animated story about a blob of bubble-gum.

You really have to have a taste for the absurd and silly to enjoy this British comedy. I must admit I was surprised to find out The Mighty Boosh lasted two more seasons of 6 episodes each.

Special features for this British comedy DVD set are commentary tracks. DVD 2 also includes Inside the Zooniverse, Outtakes, Boosh Music, Mighty Boosh A History, and a photo gallery.

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