You are going to absolutely love Dwight York Quickies. This stand-up comedy CD is short jokes and nothing but jokes.

York delivers a rapid paced series of very funny and original one liners, most of which you will want to repeat to your friends and a few of which you can share at the office. There may be a couple of groaners and moaners on this CD but even those jokes are quite good.

If you like the kind of surreal one-liner comics like Emo Philips do, you are going to like this CD. Dwight York does intelligent slightly surreal one-liner jokes like “I saw a guy with a sign that said ‘Will work for food”. So I gave him a coconut”. He also does original, funny, but less intellectually challenging stuff.

There is not a single weak moment on this comedy CD. York does not give his audience any time to pause and think before moving on to the next joke. This allows him to slip in and out of adult audience material and more mainstream, clean jokes so everybody is laughing pretty much all of the time.

For this comedy fan, Quickies is an excellent change of pace from the usual routine based stand-up comedy CD. Also notable is although York works blue, he does not always do so. I also appreciate the fact he almost never goes for the lowest common denominator so even his raunchiest jokes are smart.

There are as many good things to say about Dwight York Quickies as there are jokes on this CD and there are a lot of jokes on it.

Dwight York Quickies is another solid Stand Up! Records stand-up comedy download or CD

Dwight York
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2009
50 minutes

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