There is no comparison for Kacey Jones (RIP). Funny, cutting, quick as a whip Kacey Jones clearly has a close rapport with her audience and even riffs with them a bit on this funny song CD . Sound quality is a big deal with recordings and notoriously uneven for live events, such is not the case for this CD. The sound is as clear as if it was made in one flawless take recorded live at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

Jones’s eclectic musical sense of humor is punctuated on this CD by her short stand-up bits which serve as introductions to the humorous songs. As with many musical humorists (Borge, Stafford, Miller) the musical element of the songs on this CD often takes a backseat to the humor or lyrical elements, but there are times when Kacey Jones reveals she really knows her way around a fingerboard.

The title of the comedy CD is a tip off that men are a focal point of quite a bit of the humor on this CD. There is gentleness to the jabs that fall on the male ego but Jones’ edge cuts both ways. Her rapier finds its mark in the swath of female insecurities and foibles about men with the same precise and easy sense of fun she uses to skewer men. Tracks like Why Can’t They Send ‘Em All and Waitin’ For The Guy to Die are as good hearted as they are good natured fun.

One of the hallmarks of a good live album is that the artist makes the efforts to include nothing but crowd pleasing tracks. Kacey Jones has gone out of her way to make that effort here. Songs from “The Sweet Potato Queens’ Big~Ass Box of Music”, “Men Are Some of My Favorite People” and of course “Every Man I Love is Either Married, Gay, or Dead” and a generous helping of good segue bits and great timing make this a strong CD from the first track to the twenty-third. Yes there are twenty five tracks – those last three are just repeats of early tracks, but studio cuts – one supposes for radio play. There is no weak link on this CD it would be a great addition to any comedy collection.

Every Man I’ve Loved Is Either Married Or Dead
Kacey Jones
musical comedy CD
Independent Release
IGO Records

Track List:
1. Opening monologue
2. Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay, or Dead
3. Bubba Bit
4. 1-900-Bubba
5. Christmas Underwear bit
6. I’m Down to My Christmas Underwear
7. Waitin’ For The Guy bit
8. Waitin’ for The Guy to Die
9. I Could Get Over Him bit
10. I Could Get Over Him
11. Why Can’t They Send ‘Em bit
12. Why Can’t They Send ‘Em All
13. Pizza Man bit
14. Dressin’ Up For The Pizza Man
15. We’re All in This Alone intro
16. We’re All in This Alone
17. Piggly Wiggly bit
18. Down At The Piggly Wiggly
19. My Own Bed bit
20. My Own Bed
21. Put the Seat Back bit
22. Put the Seat Back Down
Bonus Studio Tracks:
23. The Vasectomy Song
24. I’m Down to My Christmas Underwear
25. Waitin’ for The Guy to Die
26. Down at the Piggly Wiggly


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