With lines like “my asshole is working that’s why I keep him” it’s not difficult to figure out that there might be some issues with men in Kacey Jones’ life. Comics in general are a dysfunctional lot and Jones take on life, relationships and everything from chocolate to rehab are a little out of the ordinary. The title track Donald Trump’$ Hair is moderately amusing which basically describes the rest of this music comedy CD.

Easily the best track on Kacey Jones Donald Trump’s Hair is track two I Wanna Be Up Front Like Dolly which is an amusing tribute to Dolly Parton with just the right amount of respect and ribbing to a country beat. Jones’ ability to deliver on the music front as well as the humor front is never in question. She is a consummate style mimic who can segue from country to punk and back again from one song to the next. Where this CD is a little weaker than her previous offerings Every Man I’ve Loved Is Either Married Or Dead is in the tone of the humor aimed at the masculine population is nowhere near as gentle but not quite yet shrill. Cuts like That’s Why I Keep Him and It’s Gonna Take One Helluva Man are funny but smack of a meanness of spirit not obvious in Jones’ previous work.

Christmas in Rehab, God Save the Queens and Chocolate Stuff are all classic Kacey Jones fare. These songs are cutting, entertaining and well performed – God Save the Queens in particular is a hoot and you aren’t going to find many songs that provide you with a chocolate anything recipe anywhere else in the world. All told this is not Jones’ best effort though you might give some of the songs a few turns just for the music.

Donald Trump’s Hair
Kacey Jones
Music Comedy CD
IGO Records 2009

Track List
1 – Donald Trump’$ Hair
2 – I Wanna Be Up Front Like Dolly
3 – I Can Always Get Skinny But You’ll Never Be Tall
4 – I’m Living Alone and I Like It
5 – The Bigger the Better
6 – The Redheaded Man Who Would Not Move
7 – That’s Why I Keep Him
8 – Chocolate Stuff
9 – It’s Gonna Take One Helluva Man
10 – Christmas in Rehab
11 – God Save the Queens
12 – Whatever Happened to Kenny Rogers Face
13 – The Glory of Love
14 – It’s Gonna Take One Helluva Man (bonus version)
15 – I Can Always Get Skinny But You’ll Never Be Tall (radio edit)


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