Kevin Hart Seriously Funny is a decent enough stand-up comedy CD.

Being the soundtrack of his Comedy Central special there are a few instances, especially in the last routine, where you would have to see the performance to really appreciate the humor. The first half of Seriously Funny is also much stronger than the second half. This comedy CD features adult language and topics.

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

The first half of Kevin Hart Seriously Funny focuses on family. My Family is about Hart being the father of young kids. Hart adroitly transitions into reminiscing about his own childhood and the time he got to curse out his teacher. He then uses a friend’s experience to talk about raising teenagers. He then tells a funny enough story about his ex-con uncle.

After once again stating he is not homophobic Hart does a bit about not wanting to appear gay. This is the second such moment on this comedy CD. The disclaimer automatically raises questions.

The last half of this comedy CD features a bit on women not having a cap on their anger, what happens after the woman leaves the house for an evening out, why men let women down, and trying to rekindle his sex life. This is run of the mill relationship comedy.

The last bit on Kevin Hart Seriously Funny is an on the road story about a bar encounter and his bodyguard.

This stand-up comedy CD is not going to win Kevin Hart many new fans but if you already like him you will enjoy it.

Seriously Funny
Kevin Hart
Stand-up Comedy CD
Comedy Central Records 2010

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