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Date Night
Steve Carell, Tina Fey
Directed by Shawn Levy
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

My friend thinks Date Night is a fun romantic comedy DVD and a good couple’s flick. Read the review I somewhat disagree as a shirtless Mark Wahlberg doesn’t do it for me. It could be because the DVD and Blu-ray version is some 14 minutes longer than the original. Date Night is not going to become a classic romantic comedy but it is better than many others out there. Bonus if you are a guy: the man in this movie is not a complete idiot.

Fey and Carell are Phil and Claire Foster a forties something couple with a few kids. They go out on a date every Friday. They learn one of their couple friends is splitting up are afraid their own relationship has gone stale. Phil decides to live it up a bit next date night and go to a fancy restaurant in NYC. A series of innocent lies leads to two crooked cops thinking they are the Tripplehorns and the have a valuable flash drive.

Most of the movie is the Fosters trying to stay one step ahead of the bad cops while trying to get the flash drive from the real Tripplehorns and get mob guy Ray Liotta off their backs. They also use some of the time to look at their relationship. Shirtless Wahlberg plays a security expert who helps them out.

Story wise Date Night is a bit of a mess so the scenes sometimes feel tacked on.

Overall, this is a fun romcom.

Special features on Date Night DVD are Gag reel; Extended Car Chase; Directing Off Camera; Date Night PSAs (three versions); Directing 301 with Shawn Levy; Audio Commentary with Shawn Levy
Date Night Blu-ray has these features and Deleted Scenes; Extended Scenes; Disaster Dates with the Cast; Steve and Tina Camera Tests; Live Lookup; Digital Copy



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