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Cop Out Blu-ray and DVD
Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan
Directed by Kevin Smith
Warner Brothers 2010

Cop Out is too violent to really be a cop comedy but it is funny. It is too convoluted to be a good action movie but it is entertaining enough to keep you watching. Bruce Willis plays a cop -there’s a stretch-and Tracy Morgan plays his partner. Aside from a DVD and digital copy disc Special Features for Cop Out Blu-ray is something called Maximum Comedy Mode, a three hour version of the movie with deleted scenes and extended scenes and director’s on screen commentary all in one. This is the kind of special feature Blu-ray was made for.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan play two NYPD detectives who have been partners for 9 years. This means they bicker like an old couple. Willis is a Bruce Willis type cop and a divorced dad who needs money to pay for his daughter’s wedding. He will get it by selling a valuable baseball card. Sh!t happens and he doesn’t get to sell it immediately. A lot of the movie is about Willis trying to get the card back.

Parallel story lines involve a bad guy named Poh Boy, a second story man (Sean William Scott) who almost steals the show, Tracy Morgan thinking his wife is cheating on him, a stolen Mercedes, a beautiful dame, and something that belongs to the dame.

Meanwhile, two other cops played by Kevin Pollack and Adam Brody are looking into the murder of some gang members and think Willis’ partner is involved.

Each story moves forward incrementally so you get the feeling nothing is really moving forward.

The wrap up is lame.

Willis and to a lesser degree Morgan are good enough to keep you watching. This said, Cop Out is not a movie you’ll watch more than once unless you also go for the three hour version


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