Can A Brother Get Some Love?
Lavell Crawford
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3 Album
Entertainment One 2011

Lavell Crawford is a good comic who should be much, much more aware of his delivery. You do get tired of his mumblingsomeofthelinesinrunonsentences. This also means the audienceoffenmissestheprmisefor and occasionally some of the jokes so the payoff is less. If you are a patient listener, this stand-up comedy CD is quite enjoyable. Repeated listenings make that the routines become clearer. Lavell Crawford finished second in Last Comic Standing season 5.

I am partial to long form stand-up and even more partial to routines about growing up. This obviously comes from listening to so much Bill Cosby early on. The core of Can A Brother Get Some Love is an adult language Cosby-like 9 track routine about Crawford’s mamma and growing up that put together goes 32 minutes. The best is track 5 Don’t Let Nobody In The House. Lavell Crawford makes the story immediate. Track 8, Grocery Store is also a highlight in this very solid section.

Unfortunately, Crawford mumbles most of his way through a routine about going to Hawaii with his wife and mother. The same problem exists with I Need Jesus.

The almost compulsory for a Black comic bit about Obama sounds like an almost compulsory bit.

The closer on this stand-up comedy CD is a fun story about Jesus dropping in on Cawford. It is good butagainthecomicmumblesstuffaboutdifferentkindsofheaventhatgetslostunlessyouarelisteningcarefully

Can A Brother Get Some Love? By Lavell Crawford is good and gets better if you can decode the comic.


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