Can A Brother Get Some Love?
Lavell Crawford
Stand-up Comedy CD and MP3 Album
Entertainment One 2011

Lavell Crawford is not a household name, though he has become much better known  in stand-up comedy since taking second place in season 5 of Last Comic Standing (finishing ahead of other headliners Doug Benson and Amy Schumer).  He is a severely overweight comedian but unlike other large men like Kevin James or John Pinette, this comedy CD mostly steers clear of fat jokes, which can sometimes get old fast.  Instead, his primary source of material is racial differences.  A good portion of Can A Brother Get Some Love? talks about the differences between white parents and black parents, while the rest is mostly him telling funny stories from both childhood and adulthood.  MP3 album at Amazon

Lavell Crawford brings up Last Comic Standing two minutes into the album, talking about all the fun stuff he would do if he had won the $250,000 cash prize.  He brings the audience in early with these amusing ramblings, and doesn’t often lose them again.  From there he builds up until he gets to one of the best tracks, entitled Mama’s Got Your Back.  This joke compares how somebody’s mother would act differently from their girlfriend or wife if authorities came to the door.

After that, Can A Brother Get Some Love? consistently goes in and out between really funny and mediocre.  The tracks are very hit-or-miss, but Crawford does seem to end just about every bit with a good tag-on joke that makes the audience remember the track more fondly.  This practice really helps make the mediocre tracks a little bit better, and Crawford does it well.

There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about this stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD but it is pretty entertaining  to a casual listener.

One aspect that people might not like, however, is that Lavell Crawford has a very distinct, unclear, speaking voice, which can be very difficult to understand at times, especially if you aren’t focusing


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