A review of Lee Camp ’s new stand-up comedy CD and MP3 album could be as simple as pulling up the review for Jamie Kilstein’s “Libel, Slander & Sedition,” copy, paste, done.

Both are liberal, agenda comics who frequently perform for crowds at the “Occupy” and other such movements.  Both have a rapid-fire delivery.  Both have a lot to say.  But, neither are very funny.

Speaking of rapid-fire delivery, Lee Camp’s delivery is so fast and unrelenting that even if something was funny, there’s absolutely no time to process it and laugh.  If you take 3 seconds to laugh, you will miss the next 25 things Camp has to say.  A lot of comedy really is about the pacing.  Try this — think of the funniest mp3 comedy album you own.  Now, imagine the impact on that album if the comic walked on stage and absolutely sprinted through all of the material as if it was a race to the finish line, barely pausing to take a breath.  Most of the comedy would be lost, because it would be buried.

As with Kilstein, I do find myself agreeing politically with much of what Lee Camp has to say.  But, I don’t buy comedy albums in the hope of “agreeing” with the comic.  I buy comedy albums to laugh, and there’s just not enough funny content in this album.  In fact, not agreeing with the comic, and being challenged to think about what is being said, can often have a greater impact.

None of the above should be read to imply that Pepper Spray the Tears Away by Lee Camp has no value.  It does.  If I were at an Occupy rally, I would really enjoy listening to Camp, and I would get fired-up right along with him.  But, if my goal is to laugh and have a good time, I’d have to look elsewhere — this album won’t do it.

Pepper Spray The Tears Away
Lee Camp
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2012

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