Chad Daniels ’ first stand-up comedy CD was called “Busy Being Awesome” — a very bold title for a comic’s first album.  The album was good, not great, but it did show that Daniels had a lot of promise.  His sophomore release is the new stand-up comedy MP3 album called “You’re The Best” — although not titled “I’m The Best,” it still sort of highlights the comic ‘s  extreme confidence.  With titles like this, you had better have the material to back it up.  Fortunately, this time Daniels delivers in spades.  While we still have half the year to go, I feel pretty confident that this will be one of the top 10 comedy albums of 2012.

There is a somewhat recent trend in comedy where, rather than just getting groans from the audience in response to an edgy or shocking joke and moving on, the comic will stop and, in some fashion, tell the audience that it needs to loosen up.  Sometimes it works well (for example, Ryan Stout on his album Touché), and sometimes it fails miserably.  Here, Chad Daniels’ use of this mechanism works perfectly, because it’s delivered in a way that is not heavy handed.  Daniels states that the Kardashian family motto should be: “Getting black guys off since the OJ trial.”  Some audience members laugh and cheer, others make an audible groan.  He states that if you hear a sequence of words, and at the end your brain tells you to clap, then you’re a “Clap Brain” person.  But, if you hear that same sequence of words, and your brain tells you to say “maww” (the groaning sound), then you’re a “Maaw Brain” person … and your brain sucks.

Chad Daniels has a knack for effortlessly switching between edgy and relatable humor.  One moment he is arguing with a police officer who pulled him over, wishing the officer gets AIDS, and then questioning whether or not you can get arrested for “wishing” AIDS on someone, and then the next moment he’s talking about being a father and the monotony of never-ending questions raised by his children.  On the latter, Daniels has a completely original bit where in order to consolidate his childrens’ questions, he holds a press-conference at his house twice a day, and it is during those times that his children are allowed to ask questions.  Rather than taking advantage of this opportunity to ask a series of unrelated questions, Daniels hilariously tells how his daughter becomes fixated on asking questions solely related to how her doggy magnet is able to stick to the refrigerator.

Chad Daniels You’re The Best is immensely enjoyable, a comedy album that will surely be played again and again.

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You’re The Best
Chad Daniels
Stand-up comedy MP3 Album
Stand Up! Records 2012


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