Lee Camp is going to be a great political and social comic. He is not there yet. His second stand-up comedy CD Pepper Spray the Tears Away shows the promise but also highlights the handicaps Camp must overcome if he wants to be more than a run of the mill comic pundit.

First: Learn to breathe. Camp’s delivery would put John Moschitta (the FedEx commercial guy) to shame. The problem is it is nearly impossible to follow along and appreciate the material. This also quickly creates auditory fatigue so there’s only so much you can take at a time.

Also: Clarify your ideas The best bit by far on this Lee Camp comedy CD is Thought Revolution, a bit about the Occupy movement. Lee Camp clearly knows what he is talking about here. The problem is he too often relies on “shit” to clarify his point. This makes this line from Valued Customer more ironic that intended: “You control language, you control mind; that’s how it works. All these little lingo shit, this naming shit….”

Not that you are not going to enjoy Pepper Spray the Tears Away if you like socially engaged comedy, you are. The thing is Camp really needs to get serious to really get relevant and funny.

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