Chaos for the Weary
Lee Camp’s stand-up comedy MP3 album and CD Chaos for the Weary starts off with an incredibly warm introduction by George Carlin’s daughter, who likens Camp to her father.

In comedy, there is no greater honor than to be compared to than the late Carlin, who shocked us, made us think, and made us laugh for decades.  Camp is no George Carlin, but the comparison Kelly Carlin makes is still very valid.

Camp is angry about a great many things, and, most of the time, will turn that anger into great comedy.  He talks about things that bug him, big and small, from the variety in toothbrushes to inept politicians.  From these topics, Camp spins jokes and comparisons that are flat out funny and smart.  He comes up with clever, creative ways to solve these problems that will make any audience laugh and creates his own amusing worlds where the problems never existed in the first place.

He does more than political humor though.  Camp marks the start of almost every track with a one-liner, and the first few are absolutely hysterical; they do noticeably get weaker as the CD progresses, which is a bit of a trend in this album.

The second half of Chaos For The Weary is still funny, but not nearly as gut-busting as the first half.  Every joke has the making of greatness, but they seem to fall short in keeping the topics light enough for the audience to enjoy.  But even when he’s not being very funny, Camp’s jokes are still ripe with wit and satire.

This is an album that may very well offend some, but it is still an excellent set by a great up-and-coming comedian. I greatly look forward to Lee Camp‘s next release

Chaos for the Weary
Lee Camp
Stand-up Comedy MP3 or CD
Stand Up! Records 2011

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