Lisa Lampanelli’s 2015 comedy album Back to the Drawing Board is decent. The show features the usual insult comedy towards various ethnic members of the audience and some  self-deprecating biographical material. This is also the case for every one of Lampanelli’s previous releases and there’s the rub.

Comics develop a persona and pretty much stick to it, that I understand. However, there is supposed to be some kind of evolution over the years so though the style may be the same, the material changes, benefits from the comic’s experience, and   surprises those familiar with the comic. This is not the case here.

Lampanelli herself has changed. She got divorced from Jimmy Big Balls and  lost weight. This sets up a couple of routines on those topics. Her weight loss humor is garden variety bashing of Jenny Craig and other such plans. What would have been much more interesting and original is the fact she had a gastric bypass operation but Lampanelli only briefly mentions it.

Another point  of contention is Lampanelli has always spoken of herself in the third person. Before, it worked. Here, it irritates. So does, in fact, the many times she clearly panders to the audience for a positive reaction about something.

If you are a fan, you are going to enjoy this Comedy Dynamics release but you may not go back to it as often as others. You might try Tough Love , Dirty Girl , and Take It Like a Man

Back to the Drawing Board
Lisa Lampanelli
Comedy CD and MP3
Comedy Dynamics 2015


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