The Jeff Foxworthy Show Complete Series
2 Seasons 4 DVD
Mill Creek Entertainment 2015

The Jeff Foxworthy Show DVD set should be labeled as The Jeff Foxworthy Shows as season 1 and season 2 feature two totally different shows with different casts. This situation comedy was uneven no matter how hard the star tried to make it work but there were quite a few very good shows. If you are a fan of Blue Collar Comedy and such, this 4 disc 41 episodes DVD set makes for entertaining, family friendly watching

Season one, which aired on ABC, has Jeff living in Indianapolis and running an air conditionning repair shop. Season two has Jeff living in Georgia with a different wife (Ann Cusack), two sons instead of one and a baby daughter, and working on a loading dock. Even Darren on Bewitched didn’t go through so many changes. Haley Joel Osment is the only other constant in the series.

Some of the really good episodes in the first Jeff Foxworthy Show are the Halloween Show which is very different from the usual holiday fare, the Foxworthys go on America’s Funniest Home Videos (both on DVD1). The episode where Jeff gets into a stand-up competition with his brother (Jay Mohr) is also fun.

Look for Travis Tritt in season 1 episode 9 and Jay Mohr as Jeff’s brother after a mid-season one reboot of sorts.

Season 2 of The Jeff Foxworthy Show is explained by the Bill Engvall character as Jeff moving back to his Georgia hometown after his business went under. Jeff is now a supervisor at a trucking company where wannabe series regulars  lounge around.

Season 2 works a lot better than season one. Situations and characters do not for the most part feel forced. The Thanksgiving episode is below par while the Xmas episode is worth the wait to get to the punchline. Also very good is the episode where Jeff’s dog dies (DVD 4) and the over the top funeral.¬† Also good is the one where Jeff is part of a very low budget Civil War reenactment.

Bob Keeshan aka Captain Kangaroo plays a principal in episode 19.

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