Maryellen Hooper has just released Fixer-Upper: She always been a personal favorite of mine. This stand-up comic is a regular at the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival and I always look forward to her set as she has always delivered a strong performance.

Her first comedy CD, Dignity Under Duress was solid and her second, from Ardustry Home Entertainment, Fixer-Upper is also excellent if a bit short at 40 minutes. Fixer-Upper is clean comedy for adults recorded at The Improv in Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas.

One of Maryellen Hooper’s many fortes is she is a very audience friendly stand-up comic who quickly establishes a raport with her ability to do observational comedy that also involves making fun of herself without her looking like an idiot.

Be careful though because this stand-up comic is not as harmless as she may look or sound (“Happy holidays! We’re in Vegas. Just as Christ had intended!”).

Hooper is also an excellent observational comic as in her take on thrift stores and her ovaries’ ability to spot a sale. Fixer-Upper also has solid relationship jokes built around her new husband’s dislike for shopping unless is it at Victoria’s Secret, a great, long routine on renovating their new home (part of the source for the Fixer-Upper title) in the title track and Home Depot, Rewire The Outlets, and Spackle.

Home Depot features a very funny callback to the My Husband Hates Shopping (this particular track also includes the ho friend bit and a very funny bit about thankfully not getting certain marital advice from her mom).

This is also a good CD for any guy who is engaged to be married as Hooper reveals why women are in such a hurry to get married after getting engaged.

Fixer-Upper, the latest stand-up comedy CD from Maryellen Hooper, closes with some very funny relationship material about her first date with her husband where Hooper shows a great talent for interacting with the audience. This leads to her story about going hiking on a first date and the problem women have with certain functions in the middle of the woods.

Maryellen Hooper‘s new stand-up comedy CD, Fixer-Upper is excellent if a bit short. There is also the problem of not seeing Hooper on stage as you definitely get a lot out of seeing her various facial expressions as she tells her jokes. I can only hope a DVD is on the way.

Maryellen Hooper
stand-up comedy CD
Ardustry Home Entertainment 2006
40 minutes

Track list:

Welcome / Intro
Thrift Stores
My Husband Hates Shopping
Home Depot
Rewire The Outlets
Our First Date


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