John Heffron was once the sidekick to Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) on Detroit radio. He has also appeared on the standard shows like the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and so on.

Good Kid, Bad Adult is his second stand-up comedy CD and it is available on the always excellent Uproar label. Although he won NBC’s Last Comic Standing during season 2, Heffron is a funny stand-up comic.

Fans of relationship comedy and funny jokes about growing up will most definitely enjoy this comedy CD. Roughly the first half of the CD is John Heffron talking about past relationships and being single (at the time), voicing all those things guys who are married or in a steady relationship do not dare tell their mates. Track 4, about how every woman in a bar always has her We Gotta Go friend with her is some of this stand-up’s best observational material.

Through the track about divorced women, he elegantly and humorously segues into some comic observational material before moving on to another of his fortes, biographical comedy.

The last 7 tracks on this stand-up comedian’s second funny CD consist of fun stories about growing up, the pecking order in the family, Mom Haircuts, and a great throwaway line about the middle child. Good Kid, Bad Adult closes with a very original and extremely funny bit about the old my house, my rules saying turned on its head.

This guy is obviously a pro. John Heffron not only masters the segue but the much more difficult pay off of the recall. His series of jokes about that little spring doohickey doorstops is original and very enjoyable.

To nitpick a bit, the Uproar label has in our books a stellar reputation for perfect sound recording but this comedy CD is somewhat below its standards: the audio lows and peaks during the show are a bit too dramatic and frequent. It is all relative though.

Good Kid, Bad Adult
John Heffron
Stand-up comedy CD
Mild Parental Advisory

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