Maryellen Hooper first made me laugh at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal a few years ago. When I saw Dignity Under Duress, her first stand-up comedy CD was out, I had to get it.

Maryellen Hooper is a hilarious stand-up comic who tells funny stories and about relationships. She is one of the very rare comediennes who does relationship humor where the punch line is her own inabilities

Self-deprecating humor is a Maryellen Hooper forte. I Burn and Peel, “Classic” Nose and I Totaled My Car, as well as “I Got Drunk Once” and “My Make Up Mirror” more than prove that as the opening tracks on Dignity Under Duress.

The closing track on this funny CD, “Shaving” about a woman’s need to shave, as she says, “down there” is an absolute riot. This track is one of my favorites, along with the home improvement bit which is simply . . . electrifying.

Dignity Under Duress is also a woman’s take on relationships when you are not particularly good at them. 1st Date: Dinner and Movie, 2nd Date: Hiking, and 3rd Date: The Beach are three very funny stories you have to listen to of you are starting a new relationship.

Hooper has gone through those trials and tribulations for you. She would be the perfect woman for any guy because, it seems, everything that goes wrong is her fault and that takes pressure of the male.

The funniest bits on Dignity Under Duress however are connected to Maryellen Hooper’s ability to use her “Estrogen Knob”, that is her ability to make her voice very high-pitched. Her use of simple vocabulary such as “puppy” and “dog” to create a funny joke proves that you don’t need to be fancy to be very funny.

Maryellen Hooper‘s Dignity Under Duress is on the Uproar Label, proof positive that a small label can create very funny stand-up comedy CDs.

Maryellen Hooper
Dignity Under Duress
Stand-up comedy CD

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