Monty Python Live At City Center (April 1976) is now available in the Collectables Priceless series and even price less I would not touch this coaster with a dead parrot.

This Monty Python comedy CD is very promising when you look at the track list but once you listen to it you certainly are angered by this purchase. You can’t even tell yourself it’s got beautiful plumage. If it if pining for the fjords I will be more than happy to send this Frisbee on its not very merry way.

Monty Python has been known to put out a few dogs but this dreadful piece of crap has to be some record company executive’s idea of a quick buck. Yes, Live At City Center features Python classics such as Pet Shop, my personal favorite Four Yorkshiremen, Death of Mary Queen Of Scots, the unavoidable Lumberjack Song, the Llama bit, Gumby Flower Arranging, Albatross, Nudge Nudge, Travel Agent, and Crunchy Frog but it’s not like you can actually hear them.

The problem with this Monty Python comedy CD is you can’t hear half the stuff. A ten-year old sitting on a tape recorder would have done a better job recording John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Carol Cleveland than the joker who engineered this disaster. Half the time it seems the mic was at the other end of the hall and the other half of the time the Python cast member seems to be saying his lines from the wings.

Casual Python fans will stick with the 2 CD The Final Rip Off and die hard Pythons who have everything Python, including the remastered versions of Matching Tie And Handkerchief and Contractual Obligations will be tempted by Live At City Center. Don’t be. This comedy CD is not fit to put under a boiling hot cup of coffee or left sitting in the sun under a magnifying glass for a month or so.

Monty Python
Live At City Center
April 1976
Collectables 2005
60 minutes

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