I am a big fan of the Uproar comedy CD label. I think it is one of the most dependable comedy CD labels out there and its list of funny comics is amazing.

Harvard Lampoon No Escape From Danger just goes to show nobody is perfect. I am not a major fan of sketch comedy but this offering will not particularly impress even those who are rabid fans of the genre. National Lampoon comedy CDs are usually okay, a hit and miss type of affair. Harvard Lampoon is a miss and miss deal. If you take the National Lampoon or Second City sketch comedy tradition, make it sophomoric (most of the non-comics on this CD are still in school so I am not being mean) and cliché after cliché, you get this CD.

There are many tracks on Harvard Lampoon No Escape From Danger, 26 to be exact, but quantity is not quality. I guess if you are a college student this may be the kind of humor you might like but didn’t you go to college to learn, expand your horizons, refine your palate, become an adult? If you validate the material on this sketch comedy CD by saying well, Dude, it’s Harvard Lampoon, not National Lampoon, we’re not professionals, well fine, but why’d you release this and not just make yourself a homemade CD for you and your friends? After all, that’s what you did and, unfortunately, what you released.

The only saving grace of National Lampoon No Escape From Danger, and it is a slim one at best, a very slim one, is one of the people on this CD will become famous (though it will probably not be for comedy) and instead of a coaster, and an ugly coaster at that, No Escape From Danger will become a valuable blackmailing tool

Harvard Lampoon
No Escape From Danger
Sketch comedy CD

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