Chicken Stupid is an excellent stand-up comedy CD.

Collin Moulton is a fast-paced, adult language, short routines comic with a kaleidoscope of topics. Many fast-paced comics come across as aggressive but it is not the case here. Moulton knows hot to make an audience comfortable and keep it laughing all the way trough. This is a CD you will be listening to on a regular basis.

It is impossible to pigeonhole this comic into one particular genre. He is very inventive as he reveals why ducks fly in a V formation and decodes the secret language of chickens. I especially liked the routine set in the future where Moulton explains what mail and a post office were. He is also a bit of a social commentator with an entertaining and somewhat over the top bit on gays.

His short biographical bits about growing up and his political activist (hippie with a day planner) pot smoking mom make you wish he would go longer with many of them, especially the one about putting his divorced parents in the same assisted living facility.

One of this stand-up comic’s many strengths is his ability to immediately paint a picture you can see. The Smirnoff muumuu is an example. Wal Mart Freak Gene is another.

Moulton is also a solid observational comic such as in the bit where he explains how having divorced parents prepares you for a two-party system. His relationship material is also very good.

The one weak element on this Collin Moulton  stand-up comedy CD is the sexual material near the end. It is not that I mind it more than it is weaker than the rest. Then again, the audience really, really enjoys it so what do I know?

The closer about a stuttering cop is excellent but you need to see it to really appreciate how funny it is.

Chicken Stupid
Collin Moulton
Stand-up Comedy CD
Rooftop Comedy 2011

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