At some point in Reggie Watts’ life, somebody told him that he was goofy, and that he should do stand-up comedy.   At another point, somebody else told him that he had a gift for music.  The latter was correct.  Watts’  stand-up comedy CD and DVD set A Live At Central Park has variety in that it not only alternates between spoken word and songs but even the songs show have range, alternating between beatboxing and soft melodious synthesizer.  MP3 album at Amazon

While most people would be impressed by Watts’ voice and musical skills, I don’t understand how so many people find him funny as a comedian.  The tracks that he devotes to more traditional stand-up are essentially wastes of time.  The lone exception that I found was the part of the track Thanks/Silencer where he gives a long, detailed explanation of gun silencers.  While some stand-ups can rely on being silly and a little “out there” as their primary source of material and comedy, Reggie Watts simply cannot.

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As for the musical tracks of this Comedy Central CD DVD set, most of the time is devoted to the sounds he can make and weird sentences he can spew.  Of the forty-minutes he spends on these songs, at least a quarter of it is nothing but music, most of the rest is nonsense.  Forget laughing; there are very few of these tracks that could even make me momentarily smile.  The only track that had any worth was Humans, but even that track was at least four minutes longer than it should have been.

Reggie Watts is a talented musician.  To some, he may be a fun entertainer, but he is not a very good comedian, and this album reflects that.

A Live At Central Park
Reggie Watts
Stand-up comedy CD and DVD
Comedy Central Records 2012
65 minutes

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