Richard Belzer, yes, that Richard Belzer from Law and Order SVU, the tall skinny, dark-clothed and unhappy in relationships cop is also a stand-up comedian who tells funny stories and sometimes tells funny jokes.

Another Lone Nut shows that Belzer’s character on Law and Order SVU is not that far away from the comedian himself. The cover of his stand-up comedy CD has the famous picture of Lee Harvey Oswald with Belzer’s head pasted on top of Lee Harvey Oswald’s head.

Another Lone Nut is a hit and miss comedy album (sort of like the Kennedy thing). Some of the tracks are funny stories and a few funny jokes, others are Richard Belzer being self-indulgent. When the blurb on the back of the CD insert reveals that Paul Shafer, Gilbert Godfried (the world’s most annoying grate on your nerves Disney character actor) and Professor Irwin Corey make special appearances, you know you are not going to hear the best comedy possible.

Not being a fan of musical comedy or song comedy in the tradition of Weird Al Yankovic, I am not impressed with the many musical tracks such as Jazz For Jesus and JFK The Musical, and especially I’m the Belz. This is unfortunate because Richard Belzer can be a very funny comedian and this would have been a very funny CD if more time had been spent on the funny jokes and funny stories.

Some like the Broadway show approach, I do not.  Belzer can tell in his own inimitable dark caustic style. Belzer’s take on Heaven’s Gate, Late Night Preachers, and The Mob President are right up there with the very best stand-up comics.

Richard Belzer and Another Lone Nut may be for die-hard fans of the Belz, others could pass. If you are a conspiracy theory nut and enjoy other conspiracy theory nuts however, this comedy CD is right up your alley.

Another Lone Nut
Richard Belzer
stand-up Comedy CD

Track List
1- Information Super Highway
2- I’m the Belz
3- Broadway
4- UFO’s
5- Ronald Reagan in Outer Space
6- Heaven’s Gate
7- Belzonics
8- Elvis and the Belz
9- Clinton’s Dick
10- The Lost Benny Tapes
11- Grandpa Belzer
12- A Cute Story / A French Singer
13- The Ballad of Bob Dylan
14- Hulk Hogan
15- Late Night Preachers
16- Jazz For Jesus
17- Paul Shaffer’s Yiddish Surprise
18- Richard Nixon & The Godfather
19- The Mob President
20- Belz Meets the Press
21- The Belz Diet and Other Conspiracy Books
22- Gerald Ford
23- JFK The Musical
24- Everything’s a Conspira


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