The only thing wrong with Geoff Tate’s new stand-up comedy download album is it’s too short.

49 minutes is a pretty good length for a download but I wanted more, much more. Guess I’ll just have to wait patiently for the next one: C’mon, Tate, what’s taking so long?

Just Another Clown opens with some biographical material centered on dating, especially on the internet. Tate’s decoding of expressions used on dating sites is funny as hell.

This segues very elegantly into the second half of the album which is a fan of stoner comedy’s wet dream. It is funnier and smarter than most of the drug humor I’ve heard in a long while. The bit on acid is a favorite.

The show ends really abruptly. I fail to understand why that isĀ  as Geoff Tate is a more elegant comic than that.

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Just Another Clown
Geoff Tate
Stand-up Comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2014
49 minutes

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