Dog Stories
Ron Shock
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release

Ron Shock belongs to that dying breed of stand-up comics who go up on stage and tell a funny story. A funny story not in the sense of a funny anecdote or a two-minute bit about an airplane trip, etc, but a real, genuine, long funny story with characters, plot development, build up, a few fake-out punch lines here and there, all this building to a crescendo with a major payoff at the end.

Anyone who enjoys stand-up comedy and a stand-up comic who takes the time to tell you a complete story will most definitely want to get Dog Stories, the independent release comedy CD by Ron Shock. Fair warning: although a title like Dog Stories may make this CD sound like family fare, it is not.

Dog Stories opens with More Newspaper Stories, where Ron Shock reprises a couple three stories from his first two independent release comedy CDs, Oral Roberts, 900 ft Jesus & Other Tall Tales and You’re Gonna Die Anyway both released in 2002. Shock has added a couple of new twists to the duck story and the John and Mary story and manages to make this reprise cut funny again.

Ham & Cheese Sandwich may sound harmless enough as a track title but far from it. This is what Ron Shock calls the story of the funniest thing he ever saw. The short of it is this funny story involves a ham and cheese sandwich and someone’s moon. There is not doubt, as he says, this is the funniest he has ever seen. It is one of the funniest he has told.

The best track on Dog Stories, the stand-up comedy┬áCD by Ron Shock is The Dog That Ate Amarillo. This is a very funny biographical story having to do with a giant-size dog, and we’re talking giant-size, an annoying little mutt, and a newspaper delivery boy’s revenge. Ron Shock’s interest and obvious forte is the well-structured, long, funny story and The Dog That Ate Amarillo more than proves this stand-up comic is a master of that art.

Pepe In Love is another innocent sounding track but is probably the most adult of the adult oriented material on Dog Stories. Suffice to say it involves Catholic School boys and a sexually frustrated dog.

Giraffe Jokes is when stand-up comic and storyteller Ron Shock makes the audience more aware of the craft of joke telling by taking them through a series of giraffe jokes. This track opens with the bottomless pit and goat story before moving on to the funny bit of a parrot that swears and a series of very funny giraffe jokes. Again, this is adult oriented material. It works.

A Pirate’s Tale, the last track on Dog Stories by Ron Shock, is the storyteller using every tool in his comedy tool chest to tell simple story of a one-eyed, hook-handed, peg-legged pirate going for a physical. Ron Shock claims he tells this story best: he is right.

Dog Stories by Ron Shock is a definite must for any fan of funny stories and stand-up comedy.

Track List:

More Newspaper Stories
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
The Dog That Ate Amarillo
Pepe In Love
Giraffe Jokes
A Pirate’s Tale


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