Oral Roberts, 900 Foot Jesus, & Other Tall Tales
Ron Shock
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release

I first heard Ron Shock on the late night comedy show on CJAD in Montreal, it was his funny stand-up routine titled “Van Seats”. I tried for many years to track down his work and, finally, lo and behold, one night when the internet surfing gods were kind to me (they so often aren’t) I found Ron Shock’s web page and he had two comedy CDs for sale (he now has more), including Oral Roberts, 900 ft Jesus & Other Tall Tales.

Now, few people feel safe buying stuff from some guy on the net and especially some guy who says he is a funny comic. For all you know, the guy records what he thinks are funny jokes on a tape recorder, dumps it on a CD and calls it his funny CD. This is not at all the case for Ron Shock. Ron Shock is a professional comic with a capital P and a capital C. He has been on the comedy circuit for many years and is a very funny story teller and funny comedian.

This is a professional recording of a professional and funny comic at his peak. I know this because I bought Oral Roberts, 900 ft Jesus & Other Tall Tales. Hey, I even asked real nice and Ron Shock was kind enough to autograph the cds. As for safe internet transaction, the man uses Paypal so it’s safe and secure but he also accepts cheques.

Oral Roberts, 900 Foot Jesus & Other Tall Tales was recorded in front of a live audience at the Comedy Caravan in Louisville, Kentucky. This is one hell of a well-produced great sounding and, most important of all, very funny comedy CD. Shock begins with World’s Worst Names, about his days in the army and a poor guy whose name was a source of derision (I will not steal his joke, get the CD).

More News Stories is Ron Shock using his forte; taking articles out of newspapers and showing you how funny life is. Catholicism is about going to Catholic school and the killer nuns who ran them. The funny story and funny jokes on this track are even better than what George Carlin does with this kind of material.

Track three, Easter is about Easter. Track four; Oral Roberts is the funniest long stand-up routine I have heard in a long time. It is about Oral Roberts claiming Jesus appeared to him in a 900-foot tall version to have an oral encounter with him. The way Ron Shock delivers this funny story and the funny jokes just makes you want to listen to it over and over again and get all the nuances he puts in that very funny story. This track is a comedy classic.

The last track on Oral Roberts, 900 Foot Jesus & Other Tall Tales is Biker Titty Bar, about Ron Shock playing a backwoods illegal drinking joint in some backwoods somewhere and having to deal with the bikers who just wanted to see the ugly strippers.

This CD is 47 minutes and 44 seconds of non-stop funny jokes and laughter. This stand-up comedy CD is one of the very few I listen to on a very regular basis because it is just funny time and time again.


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