Ron Shock
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent release
48 minutes

Ron Shock is the greatest stand-up comic working the comedy club circuit and his comedy CD Deep In The Heart Of Texas proves it once again. Shock is also the best story teller ever and this independent release comedy CD, his fifth, shows why this comedian is number one on my list of greats.

Although every routine here is solid and Ron Shock is in fine form, the highlight of Deep In The Heart of Texas is Serious As A Heart Attack. Comedy wise, it is right up there with the late Richard Pryor’s routine about lighting up and burning up. This stand-up bit is extremely funny and something anyone who has ever dealt with hospitals and doctors will easily relate to. Heart Attack is also the most adult oriented routine on this stand-up comedy CD. This bit ends somewhat abruptly, as if someone had dared flash the red light at the comic. I am also a little annoyed by the music the club used to close the set and that consequently ended up on the CD.

The CD opens with Traffic, a stand-up routine long-time fans of Ron Shock will remember from one of the Bootleg DVDs. There are a couple of new twists to the bit and it is as funny as always. This is your basic people in this town drive like maniacs bit but the best one I have heard. Another fan classic (and a personal favorite) is Van Seats, this time dubbed Texas Style. It is again a newish version of the routine and, again, as funny as always.

Those who are regular at a Ron Shock show and those who have seen him before know one of his many fortes is getting his stand-up comedy from newspaper stories. Newspaper Stories 2006 opens with a variation on a previous such piece about people being caught by surprise. In addition to variations on previous such stories There is also new stuff such as the story about the judge Oklahoma judge caught with his pants down in court. You also get the story about the Mountain Man group and the Vegas tourist with very bad luck.

Deep In The Heart Of Texas is another great Ron Shock release. The sound quality here is superb. Its only weakness is the comic sometimes hints at possible story and routine material I would dearly love to hear. I mean how many other stand-ups do you know can claim being a second-story man as part of their resume?


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