You’re Gonna Die Anyway
Ron Shock
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release

Ron Shock is one of those comics you hear often on comedy radio but can’t find his stuff anywhere, until now. Why there isn’t a major label release of this brilliant stand-up comic’s funny material is beyond me. I first heard Ron Shock on a late night comedy show doing his Van Seats skit and it became my mission to track down this routine.

You’re Gonna Die Anyway is not only a brilliant title for a comedy CD but is where you can find Van Seats. I know many of us do not really go for independent release CDs, always picturing some nebbish in a basement and a tape recorder recording what he thinks is funny, dumping it on a CD and calling himself a comedian –and I have reviewed a few of those. This is most certainly not the case for Ron Shock, an established comic often seen in Vegas and this second stand-up comedy CD release, You’re Gonna Die Anyway. This is a professionally produced and recorded CD by a professional and very funny stand-up comic.

You’re Gonna Die Anyway open with, logically, Intro, where Shock begins his first of two sold-out performances at the Comedy Caravan in Louisville, Kentucky. Van Seats, my all-time favorite comedy bit, is about a couple driving down the road and seeing a guy selling van seats by the side of the road. There are quite a few questions you should ask yourself when you see something like that and Ron Shock asks the funny ones.

Newspaper Stories is Ron Shock doing what he does best, taking ordinary newspaper stories and showing us how bizarre life can be, especially as reported by professional journalists. Track four .22 Caliber Rifle, is another story taken from the headlines but it is so absolutely ridiculous and funny it rightly deserves its own separate track. If it wasn’t for having fallen in total awe with the very funny story about Van Seats, this would be my number one favorite all time comedy story (well, maybe after Bill Cosby’s To Harold, My Brother Whom I Slept With … well, maybe not.) You’re Gonna Die Anyway is a brilliant and very funny story and funny set about the meaning of life and when your number is up. It involves a mallard duck and, well, poor duck. Unfortunately, this is the one and only track where the recording leaves a little to be desired but it is decent enough not to spoil the jokes.

You’re Gonna Die Anyway – 42 minutes of absolutely funny stories– ends with Ron Shock’s biographical funny story about being chased by a Smokey who can drive and shoot better than you could possible imagine. This last track leads into Ron Shock’s second comedy CD Oral Roberts, 900 ft Jesus & Other Tall Tales.

For those of you worried about buying stuff on the internet or stuff from some guy you do not know, Ron Shock takes Paypal, so you are protected, cheques, and, hey, the man is a professional. Hey, if you ask nicely, and I did, he will even sign the cd before he sends it out to you, and he did.


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