Steve Hofstetter 2015 stand-up comedy album Ginger Kid is solid, solid stuff.

True, I have a preference for long form stand-up and this MP3 album or video features two such routines. The first is on the TSA and the second is on being red-headed aka a ginger.

The TSA is not the most original topic for comedy. Hofstetter hits some of the usual nails for that topic but he is, most of the time, original, such as when it was decided snow globes were a terrorist weapon. The comic also expands the topic to a more general attack on how the government is taking away people’s rights with nary a wimper. This is where Hofstetter shows why he is best known as a smart comic.

The other longer routine is about being a redhead and the teasing that goes with it. It is good stuff.

Other bits include observations on Extreme Home Makeover or Toddlers and Tiaras and a few short observational segments. These too are good but not quite up to Steve Hofstetter’s usual standards.

The one thing that really got on my nerves is the show sounds really tinny.

You are going to enjoy Ginger Kid. You will also want to check out the, in my opinion, stronger Steve Hofstetter‘s Day Off and The Dark Side of the Room¬† ¬†There is also Cure for the Cable Guy and Pick Your Battles which are quite entertaining.

Ginger Kid
Steve Hofstetter
Comedy MP3 Album
Next Round Entertainment 2015

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