Unholy War is an only pretty good stand-up comedy CD.

What removes it from the great category it should be in is it is on the really short side at 32:43 and the first five minutes are standard and fairly old comedy topics -drunk driving, Magic Johnson and Aids– so it takes a while for Denis Donohue to really show his stuff and who he is.

What really notched it down though is the sound is tinny and I am especially particular about the sound on stand-up CDs.

All of this would normally have sent this stand-up CD to the bottom shelf but Donohue is a solid, original, very funny comic and his material makes up for the flaws.

Granted, this comedian does material I usually appreciate such as the differences between kids now and back when. This is a popular topic many comics cover but the comedian does ten solid and very original minutes on and around that. He is also a Darwinist and that is another plus in my book.

His best bit though is on dating teachers and dating in general. Granted, I too teach, but this is killer and original material. Though I really wish he had expanded on it a bit more what bugged me a bit was his patter is a bit too fast here and some of the jokes get drowned in the delivery and, again, the tinny sound.

To add to my appreciation of Unholy War, there is at least one line I am going to steal and slam a friend with.

Unholy War
Denis Donohue
Stand-up Comedy CD
Next Round Entertainment 2008
33 minutes

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