Steve Hofstetter is a very funny and wickedly smart comic whose routines are deceptively straightforward until he springs the punch line or recall trap on you. Having listened to each of his previous 3 stand-up comedy CD, especially the excellent The Dark Side of the Room and Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off, I expected nothing less than being blown away again by his latest stand-up comedy MP3 album Pick Your Battles. Pick your Battles is solid but not Hoffstetter at his very best.

Each track on Pick Your Battles is titled The War On something. The bit itself is not really a war but an often caustic putdown on the topic. Things like Wal-Mart, The War on Drugs, Wonder Woman, Gender, and so on.

Steve Hofstetter is a perceptive comic who really knows how to build a routine and a show but some of the bits here are rather generic. For example pointing out we all go to Wal-Mart to feel comparatively better about ourselves is not particularly perceptive considering Wal-Mart has the most handicapped parking spaces and short buses per parking lot than any other retail chain.

Perhaps what takes some of the edge from this stand-up MP3 Album is the Louisville audience is clearly on the comic s side from the get go. Hofstetter is much better when he is kept on his toes.

If you are new to Steve Hofstetter Pick Your Battles is certainly worth the money and is something you will listen to more than a few times. If you more familiar with this stand-up comic, this release is good enough but not his best. Check out our other reviews here below for more Hofstetter

Pick Your Battles
Steve Hofstetter
Stand-up Comedy MP3 Download
Next Round Entertainment 2011

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