Suzanne Westenhoefer is a very funny comedienne and Guaranteed Fresh, her third stand-up comedy CD on the Uproar label, proves it.

In comedy, as in music in any other field, there are many one-hit wonders: funny stand-ups who are only funny, or barely funny (hello, Sinbad) on one stand-up comedy CD and you never hear from them again. This is not the case for this stand-up comic.

Guaranteed Fresh covers the same ground Suzanne Westenhoefer’s other two comedy CDs, I’m Not Cindy Brady and Nothing In My Closet But Clothes. She tells funny jokes covering the usual comedy topics like airlines, being forty, traveling, her friends, family, and the society around her. She also tells funny stories about her partner, and, of course, her cats and renovating (jokes about cats and renovating are a Westenhoefer trademark).

Another Suzanne Westenhoefer trademark that shows up on Guaranteed Fresh is funny jokes and funny stories about Martha Stewart. It is clear that Westenhoefer has the comedic hots for Martha and this makes for quite a few laughs on this funny CD. Unlike her first two albums, Guaranteed Fresh has perhaps more straightforward gay references and material but this is because as all comics, Westenhoefer plays to her core audience. There is also a very funny track about Westenhoefer, who grew up in Amish country being hired to play bit parts in movies and TV movies and being given the Jewish character roles while the studio hires a straight actress to play the lesbian. It says a lot about Hollywood and it makes for quite a few laughs. As other comics, Westenhoefer also comments on society and its passion for ultra-low riders and her parents.

As most Uproar label comedy CDs, Suzanne Westenhoefer’s Guaranteed Fresh was produced by David Drozen. The sound quality is, again, excellent, not something that can be said about a lot of stand-up comedy CDs (such as Chris Rock’s third┬áCD or Jeff Foxworthy’s latest Have Your Loved Ones Spayed Or Neutered where you can swear somebody used a tin can and a bit of string to record the material.

Suzanne Westenhoefer is a very funny woman and any of her three stand-up comedy CDs are a great addition to any collection. Also, a great gag gift for the gay person you know and love would be to give them one of Westenhoefer’s CDs as a birthday or Christmas gift: they’ll love you for it.

Suzanne Westenhoefer
Guaranteed Fresh
Stand-up comedy CD

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