Maggie Cassella is a lawyer from New York who moved to Toronto and became a stand up comic. I doubt I got it in the right order. She is definitely New Yawk in some ways, raspy voice included, but she is also a very funny woman.

Maggie Cassela is also a gay comic. She makes no bones about it, right off the bat in the opening track of her stand-up comedy CD Because I Said So. If a funny joke about gay people bugs you, well, tough, but there is much more to Because I Said So than gay jokes.

There are jokes about the scandals around the olympics and olympic athletes, there are bits about people and their kids and gay people and their kids (like she asks why do lesbians feel they must adopt an Asian kid and call her Megan).

Because I Said So is also a socially aware comedy┬áCD so Cassella pokes fun at people who use the Alternate Lifestyle label for gay people, Gay Pride parades, people who get a little bit of power and abuse it (like the butch who didn’t want to let Cassella on stage because she was going to go on through the exit).

At the same time, some gay people are sensitive about expressions such as dyke, bull dyke and so on and, well, Cassella has no problem using those expressions over and over again. I sometimes get the feeling dyke and bull dyke are the F word of lesbian comedy.

There is a lot to like on Maggie Cassella‘s stand-up comedy CD Because I said So, including many a funny joke on lesbian porn, legal issues, and a very funny response to bible thumpers using their very own penchant for misusing biblical passages to make their point. Overall, a very solid performance.

Maggie Cassella
Because I Said So
Stand-up comedy CD

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