You will laugh at Suzanne Westenhoefer’s funny jokes and funny stories on Nothing In My Closet But Clothes even if the only thing you know about gay culture is the annual parade.

I am not even sure you need to know anything about gay culture. Funny is funny, and Suzanne Westenhoefer is funny, period. Nothing In My Closet But Clothes is Suzanne Westenhoefer’s second stand-up comedy┬áCD (after I’m Not Cindy Brady and before Guaranteed Fresh, all on the Uproar label) and there is no sophomore jinx for this very funny stand-up comic. Nothing In My Closet But Clothes reminds me in a way of when a magician says nothing up my sleeve and then surprises you: this is a brilliant comedy cd. There is nothing in her closet and there’s a lot more than clothes.

All sixteen tracks on Nothing In My Closet But Clothes are not just funny ha-ha but funny as in bust-a-gut funny. Suzanne Westenhoefer covers material from pets in a relationship to vibrating electric bunnies and makes the transition from G material to PG16 material without a blink. Nothing In My Closet But Clothes also reveals that gay (lesbian) couples are just as weird as straight couples. One person is in charge of driving and renovating, the other is in charge of killing bugs and holding the purse. There are some funny stories and funny jokes that are specific to gay culture but, like I said, funny is funny and you do not have to be familiar with this culture to laugh at the joke.

If you were to introduce someone to Suzanne Westenhoefer‘s stand-up (they will love your for it), Nothing In My Closet But Clothes is a good pick. Not that I’m Not Cindy Brady or Guaranteed Fresh are not as good, they are. The reason you should choose Westenhoefer’s second stand-up comedy CD is it has a somewhat larger variety of material from aging and handicapped pets to the differences between New York and Midwest drivers and a very funny story about the differences in language from one part of the United States to another. Whether you say pop and sack or soda and bag, you will absolutely love Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Suzanne Westenhoefer
Nothing In My Closet But Clothes
Stand-up Comedy CD

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