Fans of Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion, and News from Lake Wobegon are familiar with Keillor’s funny jokes and funny skits about cats. Bertha’s Kitty Boutique is one of the many so-called sponsors of Prairie Home Companion and probably the fake commercial with the most funny jokes and funny stories. Fans of funny song Cds will appreciate Songs of the Cat even more. Any cat lover must have this Garrison Keillor CD  with opera singer Frederica Von Slade and a good orchestra to sing many funny songs about a single woman’s favorite companion: the cat

The Cat Came Back is a classic, the National Film Board of Canada animation of this funny song is probably one of the best funny cartoons they have ever made. Garrison Keillor and Frederica Von Slade do wonders for this old chestnut. This CD with 19 funny songs and a beautiful liner is great. On Songs of the Cat Keillor and Von Slade explore many musical genres and though Keillor’s voice is not that great (something all listeners of the funny Lake Woebegone stories can tell you) he does quite well for himself on this funny song anthology. Particularly funny songs, although they all are, are Beethoven Chased By Rossini, The Rescue Cat, Guilt and Shame (something cats cannot possibly feel) and, my personal favorite, The In And Out Song.

mp3 download at Amazon  Songs of the Cat  makes a great Christmas gift or great gag gift for the single woman or cat lover in your life.

Songs of the Cat
Garrison Keillor
with Frederica Von Slade
HighBridge Audio


1-The Cat Came Back
2-The Hallelujah Patrol
3-The Mystery
4-The Cats of Cash
5- Dance To My Cats
6- Eine Kleine Kat
7- In Memory of Our Cat, Ralph
8- Alaska Cats
9- Beethoven Chased by Rossini
10- Near Death: Or, The Search Rewarded
11- Oy, Chuck and Katie
12- Forty Miles
13- The Rescue Cat
14- My Grandmother’s Cat
15- As I Walked Out
15- Cats May Safely Sleep
16- Guilt and Shame
17- Out in the Catskill Mountains
18- Cat, You Better Come Home
19- The In and Out Song.


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