Mix 70 % Rodney Dangerfield, 10% asthmatic breathing, and 20% OCD habit of saying “thank you” and “you’re a great audience” every three minutes or so and you get Mike Bocchetti’s stand-up comedy download Thank You! on the Stand Up! Records label.

“Thank You”This album takes some getting used to but it is worth the investment. A couple of the one-liners and very short observations are mundane (“Jews For Jesus? Too late!). Most of the time though Bocchetti keeps the listener interested and his Rodney Dangerfield school of hard self-knocks “I didn’t want to run away from home but my parents beat me to it” material works.

This stand-up comedy download is not for the casual comedy fan and requires some patience to really appreciate. Being an impatient audience, I really had to knuckle down the first couple of times I listened to Thank You! but it grows on you and Mike Bocchetti‘s mannerisms don’t get in the way as much.

Thank You!
Mike Bocchetti
Stand-up comedy download
Stand Up! Records 2019

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