If you see Joey Vincent on a comedy club bill, buy a ticket. You are guaranteed to have a good time. Meanwhile, his stand-up comedy download album Neck Tattoos & G.E.Ds or The Secret to my Suck-cess provides solid comedy.

Vincent is a biographical comic. The opening joke gives a taste of this stand-up comic’s off-kilter style: he does not have marijuana jokes but he does have some for sale. He then establishes his credentials with a story of getting a neck tattoo related to a career he would soon quit and getting a G.E.D at about the same time.

His bits on growing up poor and eventually realizing he is poor and the ways he tricks himself into thinking he has money are good stuff. The second more than the first.

Regional comedy is a bit tricky because you have to make it fairly universal. The North Minneapolis gang joke is cleverly set-up. The same can be said about his Tee Dogg gangsta bit where he pulls the rug under the audience’s expectations. These are perhaps the best tracks on this stand-up comedy album.

The last ten or so minutes of comedy album are much more adult material. You will never see or read about a Tesla without thinking of the advantages of hands-free driving Vincent has figured out.

There is nothing groundbreaking on Joey Vincent’s stand-up comedy download album. Then again, that can be said about most downloads. Neck Tattoos & G.E.Ds or The Secret to my Suck-cess is 45 minutes of good and funny comedy. That’s can’t be said about many downloads anymore.

I was stunned to learn Joey Vincent was a middle act in the bonus track. The track itself is headliner Tom Simmons opening his set by bouncing off Vincent’s material. Simmons is a comic I have loved for a long time. I could have done without the siren shit that opens that track

Neck Tattoos & G.E.Ds or The Secret to my Suck-cess
Joey Vincent
Stand-up comedy MP3 download
Filter Free Amerika 2019

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