Tom McCaffrey is a good stand-up comic, right?  It took me like a while to figure out why I like only somewhat enjoyed his stand-up comedy CD, right?

I kept like thinking Lou Diamond Phillips? is pretty funny stuff, right? But something kept like bugging me, right? And then I, like, clued in to it, right?

I am sorry but I simply cannot get over the likes and rights in every single sentence.  After a while, it is all I heard. This is a shame because Tom McCaffrey has a different take on things and the things he takes on are not always your usual stand-up comedy fare. He’s got solid, funny material, and can work both the mature but clean and, mostly, raunchy side of the street without sounding out of place.

This stand-up comedy CD features 32 tracks. McCaffrey likes to do very short bits, many related to television and movies. I really liked his take on Friday the 13th and his book commercial bit.

There are many other good routines on Lou Diamond Philips? unfortunately Tom McCaffrey‘s verbal handicap or laziness makes his comedy hard to take for more than a few minutes.

Ittakesalottolaugh is a new comedy CD label and this is their first release. Production and sound wise this release is top notch and I look forward to more.

Lou Diamond Phillips?
Tom McCaffrey
Stand-up Comedy CD
ItTakesALotToLaugh Records 2008
53 minutes

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