Given the opportunity, I will go out of my way to see Tom Simmons perform live. Simmons is a smart comic. He has something to say and ideas that challenge what you think. He is also a good raconteur who makes his autobiographical material easily relatable. Comedy, his 800 Pound Gorilla Records stand-up comedy download is an MP3 album you will listen to time and again.

Having followed Tom Simmons for many years now, I still do not get why he has not become instantly recognizable. It may be because self-centered navel-gazing banal stories are only what our dumbed down society and the comedy business can handle. You do have to have some perceptive qualities to understand the point Simmons makes in his opening bit when he states Cindy Crawford has aged better than the wisdom and understanding he was originally on a quest for.

At the same time, his story about his son watching Man vs Wild is something anybody can understand and laugh along with.

Simmons mixes the mundane with the profound. He has a superb bit on coaching little league baseball but follows later with a (too short in my opinion) observation about the Federal Reserve. His bit about abortion is smart and includes some good Yo mama jokes but its punch line is somewhat clumsy.

Other topics on the Tom Simmons Comedy download include AI, driverless cars and backseat drivers and organ donors, and a fun story about being invited on America’s Got Talent which proves my point in the second paragraph of this review.

Tom Simmons Comedy is a bullet proof download.

Tom Simmmons
Stand-up Comedy download
800 Pounds Gorilla Records 2019

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